Luban: issues calibrating laser camera

Hi all,
I’m a beginner in laser engraving trying to use Snapmaker at350 with 1600mW.
I did some test but now I’m not able to calibrate the camera.
When I press calibrate I can adjust the image square but after that I’m not able to press confirm button. It seems not working.
Any idea?
thank in advance


On mine, the calibrate screen with the picture takes like 10 seconds to show up, but after I calibrate, whether or not it lets me press apply is hit or miss.

Hi all,
Did you manage to solve the camera focus problem? We have the same issue.
We are not able to fine calibrate camera for good laser results.

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Just made a new topic with this issue. I didn’t see yours before I posted it.

However, did you mange to fix the issue?

  • Jonas

I am having the same issue where i can set the square but it wont do anything when i click confirm. did you figure out how to get it to let you select it?