(Newbe) My MiniFactory

Afternoon all.
Is my Minifactory worth signing up to and is the process of transferring files across for snapmaker2 straight forward please.

Hi, welcome, it’s probably worth a throwaway account, not storing payment details etc. I have accounts on thingyverse, cults3d, myminifactory and a couple of others.
To transfer files from the 3d model websites, you download a model (STL or OBJ file usually) and load that into your “slicer” software, you will be suggested to install Luban, alternatively Cura also has profiles for the snapmaker machines. So you load the model in your slicer, e.g. luban, and change settings if necessary (recommended filament temperature, bed temperature, if you need supports for overhanging sections, build adhesion type like brim, etc), then slice the model and the software converts it into layers and text instructions called gcode, usually offering a preview of the layers.

You save the gcode, and stick it on a usb, insert the usb into snapmaker and then use the touchscreen to find the file and start the job.
You can also try to send the file over wifi, using luban - on the workspace screen, or directly connect your computer to the snapmaker using usb and then the slicer can control it directly. Alternatively there are more complex setups like having a raspberry pi controlling the snapmaker (running octoprint).

Good luck and happy making, don’t forget to use the search feature, and the facebook groups pretty helpful

Thanks for the reply.
I went ahead and had a little play, surprisingly easy and encounters no problems, printing my second model off as I type. :+1:

Just be aware that not all files you download from any of those sites may be properly constructed or intended for 3d printing. So you might encounter some problems with them (too thin walls, gaps, holes, etc.) You can check them for some of these errors in Meshmixer or Meshlab.


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Thanks for the warning good to know :+1:

I should add, not in a dangerous way. They might not want to slice or just won’t print properly or unexpectedly fail.
That’s for stl, obj’s etc.
Gcode is a different story. If it isn’t written specifically for your SM it can cause problems and possibly damage your machine.