New user connection issues

Why the hell is it so impossible to make a connection to this machine!!!
wifi connects and disconnects. No USB has been possible at all even after loading the drivers from snapmaker. If you can’t get files to the dam thing its really hard to print anything.

honestly WTF!!!

regarding usb, have you used the mini usb port instead of the usb a port?

have you upgraded the firmware? you can download it and put it onto the provided usb thumb drive to do the update.

edit: let me elaborate some

you will want to make sure you do the firmware update before anything, there are some important bug fixes that can cause you to damage the print bed without it.

there is a thumb drive - this can be used to transport gcode files and firmware to the machine.

if you want to connect your machine to your computer you have to use the mini usb port.

regarding running prints - i wouldnt really want to run the print job from luban, its much more stable to get the file to the machine and run it locally instead.

i use the wifi to transfer the file over, then i run it from the machine itself.

running the print job thru luban is certainly doable but its asking for trouble with things.

i know that its frusterating to open the box and as soon as you finally get the thing assembled immediately run into a brick wall, i’ll be honest with you this is not something thats going to just work, it takes some experience and skill to get prints to come out nicely.

try to take a step back, one thing at a time, and enjoy the ride. i am having the time of my life

if you hit any problems, please ask, there are many of us on this forum who want to help everyone get going on their own journeys. we work together to master the craft.

Thanks I appreciate the response. I finally found a thumb drive to move the file but that just seems so archaic. It sees my wifi but when I try to move a file to it with lubin the wifi connection goes down.

I took my laptop out the the machine and used the mini USB that came with the machine but it would not see my computer or vis versa. I have RPI with octoprint also but could not get it to see the device either. I use the RPI with my 3d printer very successfully.

Seems like I’m taking a giant step backwards having to sneeker net everything.

But really thanks for the input. I will get the firmware upgraded done as soon as the laser print I started is done. I have the file downloaded and ready to go.

I’ll do some more searches and see what else I can find to help.

I would suggest to install and download a older version of Luban from the forum, because the last (don’t know which Vers. right now) version has a wifi disconnect issue.

thanks I’ll give it a shot. I downloaded the latest ver think new is better. OPPS.

there is one in the tool box, although it is a bit odd looking

I use current luban version and do not have the disconnect issue you describe, although after i start a print it does disconnect

however, xchrisd is much more knowledgeable than i so perhaps reversion is worth a try if the firmware update doesnt help.

I feel your pain. 5 of 6 attempts at data transfer across wifi each print is a nightmare. I’ve changed my router, everything I can think of to stop the red cross/disconnected popup.
Started current print at about 3pm, it’s now past midnight and the best I’ve got is 80% transferred before the disconnected box appears.

Six months of having the machine I have still not found the thumb drive. Even with all the updated firmware and latest drivers installed my computer will not connect via USB. I had no idea about the mini USB - will try to find it later. It would help if the equipment came with full instructions.