SnapMaker a350 Newbie; ao Today

Greetings Snappers

The truck is on the way with my a350. But first, the reason for my post.

I have been using OnShape for a very long time and love it. Can anyone summarize for me what I need to do; as I have never ventured into the the 3d printing arena before, how to go about making OnShape talk to the a350?

Thanking you in advance for your suggestions.

Export a 3d model as STL file, import that into the 3DP workspace in Luban. Use Luban to ‘slice’ the model into gcode that the machine then executes.

OnShape, while I’m not familiar with it, looks to be step 1. Luban handles 2 through 5.

For step 5 you can load the GCODE file in Luban and then send it to the printer via WiFi.

Thank you Brent, the STL export from OnShape worked great. For all you OnShape users; as I have been told, select the mm export setting from Onshape (not in inches) - since the snapmaker reads in mm.

The mm vs inch thing actually isn’t that important, you can import into Luban and scale by 2540% to compensate (25.4mm/in)