Can’t keep Luban connected

Sitting in my office trying to print a simple 3D from Luban. The SnapMaker is in the basement with a camera on it. Luban 4.1.1. Is constantly losing connection. It will reconnect but so far I’m on gCode line 11603 and have had to reconnect more than 50 times.
It isn’t my network.
Anybody else see this connection issue?

Had a similar issue, turned out to be my router. I’m not sure why it would happen but replacing it with a newer model fixed it.

Thanks. I’m pretty sure it isn’t my router as I have a fully automated house that has no issues and the router I have the SnapMaker on is practically new. I also have extenders all over the place so 100% signal in every corner. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t having a packet collision or trying to send a keep-alive on a secured port. I’ll mess with router configs and give it a static IP and see if that helps. Just in case I need to set up a 3rd network in my house for this thing what router are you using? Much appreciated

Same issues since updating the Snapmaker to v14 (from v12). Luban disconnects from the printer several times per hour.

For reference Luban 3 and firmware 12 never disconnected, ever.

Same here, constant disconnects. Like you I have significant automation in my house and shop (where my printer is located) and no other connectivity issues.

I just updated my firmware and software to the latest versions. Now I am having connectivity issues. Does anyone know how to resolve these? Is there a way to reload an older version?

Download the firmware from this forum to a usb drive and run from there.

On mac you can keep and use as many different Luban versions as you want.
Not sure about pc if you have to uninstall or just install the older version again.

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Sorry I need a little more help. Where do I find the firmware from the forum?

It’s definitely the SM firmware (1.14) causing the WiFi disconnects (and not Luban). I leave the SM on the Settings>WiFi screen. And the connection just drops and shows none of the available networks. To reconnect, I back out of the WiFi screen and go back, and it connects again (for a while).

I am also having this issue. Been trying for days to fix it and i agree i think it is the SM firmware as i didnt have this before.

anyone know how to fix it??

Try to use firmware (1.13.1) instead.

What’s your firmware version and your Luban version?

1.14.3 and 4.4.0 doesn’t work it just disconnects. 4.2.2 works fine

experiencing this on 4.5.x - is there a fix? The snapmaker is a brick without wifi.

SM doesn’t seem to work with wifi channel 11 on 2.4GHz, and the M1 Mac Luban has some pretty substantial bugs, too.

Sooo Anyone found a solution??