New use for packing

Hey all,
In an effort to quiet my machine I decided to put the top hard foam packing that the SN came in under the machine itself. This has cut vibrations in the table significantly and reduced the noise. Question is, is this a good idea, would hate to burn down the room.

It’s not a bad idea: Seriously the BEST $2 3D printer upgrade! - YouTube

But I would suggest to use the concrete slab (or floor tile) in between. Like in the video. That supports the platform the way it’s designed. (standing on it’s feet). Now it might be pushing up on other places and on fast movements might create some more torsion on the bed compared to when it’s on hard surface.
Not sure if it’s a real issue though.

I went with the tile in between as described in the video. You will however find that the packaging foam will quickly (after a few weeks) just be compressed and won’t return to its initial state. It will still work, but not as good.

You do not need to invent anything, solution already exists, and that is.
This one:

Is anti-slip mat that can be bought ready, is stable does not give way and also isolates the noise.

I have you from our work and have you completely under the Snapmaker as well as under the housing mounted.
It is 25cm wide and 8mm thick length for us 2m.

Does what it should and perfectly

Thanks guys. Didn’t know that.

I have about ten feet of EDPM roofing rubber left over from making mill and lathe way covers (yes, cutting oil deteriorates EDPM, no, it has not been a problem). I think I’ll cut some to put one one two layers under the feet of the A350. A friend used some of the surplus rubber under his Logan bench lathe, and says it quieted things down quite a bit.