Recommendation for noise

First off, let me just say I love my Snapmaker. I use it primarily for 3D printing and it works so well. However it is noisy. The only thing I could recommend is quieter fans and also if you are going to do a new iteration of the controller, putting in more advanced stepper drivers like the TMC2208 which make the motors so much quieter, as well as putting the printer in an enclosure (Which im waiting on)

A few of us also find that adding dampers on the feet help reduce the vibrations being transferred to the desk.

The official enclosure is designed such that the feet contact the surface under the enclosure (it has foot holes in the bottom plate), so I don’t know whether the dampers would work in that case. They actually might, but it should be a moot issue. I have one but haven’t moved the printer inside it yet.

You can still use the dampers. Elevate the enclosure by the height of the damper and place the dampers right underneath the foot holes of the enclosure. That way the printer and enclosure are still not touching each other. That’s what I plan to do once my enclosure arrives.

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