Reducing Sonic Emissions

Hi Snapmaker Team!

I found out that I can achive MASSIVE improvments to the produced noice by putting the printer on top of a foam pad:

Can you try to design better feet for the base plate? It will be a very great impovement!!!
Maybe I can try to make videos to compare the produced noice on weekend.


Suggest you try a couple of test prints with delicate object to print…

With, and with-out the foam padding…

That foam padding eliminates machine stability…

Results will be even worse for CNC…

I’m purchasing the enclosure to reduce dust and noise my own self…

Perhaps a box with plastic window might be good enough for ya…


I’ve made this picture during the print of a very delicate object (4 copies to increase cooling tome).
First half directly on the desk the other half with the foam pad. No difference (in quality)…

The problem is the resonance effect. A plastic box won’t help.
The machine is heavy enough to reduce the effect of the softer standing.
Maybe I’ll get a more tense block.


i’m very surprised…

but reality matters…

old master chief on the kitty-hawk told me once, “batteries don’t care what you think, they just die when you don’t treat them how they want, because physics matters”…


I’m an engineer by heart so I really understand your matters,
By trying out new things in beta testing phase we will help to improve the final product.
Surly the pad I’m using right now is a little bit weak but I’ll try to find an appropriate substitute.


@william.o.yates @rojaljelly I appreciate your observations and suggestions.


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dang doug, did’nt know u gradubated…


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twuth is I usd a standin, I wasnt smart nuff!

Have a great weekend

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i was a sailor in perth back in 81…

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hahaha I would not feed Vegemite to my worst enemy. Many Australians love it, I am a Scotsman and came here when I was a 7yo. I was in Perth 87/88 and frequented the pubs in Fremantle … a great place and a great time.

Keep having fun and have a great weekend.

I’ve made 2 short videos - I don’t know if they are very representative but the noice went down from about 62 dB to 51 dB in jog mode (Z-axis 30 mm/s) in a separate measuring.

without silencers:

with silencers:

Just try the top foam layer of the snapmaker packaging to test it out…


I’m sure the electrical engineers here will ‘hopefully’ find a way to hook up these Trinamic TMC2130 silent stepper motor drivers specifically made for 3D printers. It makes the stepper motors absolutely silent. Check them out in this video.

Please make a write up if you do! Pretty Please!


If noise is an issue for you, buy some DynaMat sound deadening material and stick it to the underside of the Snapmaker. You’d need an 8"x8" sheet, minimum, but a 12"x12" could be trimmed to fit perfectly. Also consider buying a lot more and stick it on the underside of the table, cabinet or desk you are putting the 3d printer on. The structure you are placing the Snapmaker on is acting like a speaker and helping those sounds to resonate. Placing DynaMat on the underside of both surfaces should cut your noise dramatically. Dynamat’s not cheap. I’m seeing 8" square and 12" square pieces on eBay around $13 to $17 each.

Thank you but my solution costs about … nothing.
I’m using the White PE-foam from some packaging and 4 custom printer feed Adapters (self-printed) that fit over the rubber feet to enhance the contact area to the foam pads.
No way to spend mony for something I can get for free.
The only “Problem” is the center of mass on the left back Corner (Z-axis and filament spool) so the pads get more compressed on the heaviest Point so you have to Change the foam every few days - but I have tons of these foam pieces.

It’s the main reason why the Snapmaker is becoming some kind of toy for me. Compared to the Ultimaker 3 I recently bought the print Quality of the Snapmaker is excelent (because of low speed) but the machine makes too much noise (and no standby for the loud fans) for Setting up the Printer in my living or sleeping room.
I’ll Keep playing with it because the Snapmaker is a great machine but for “daily use” I’ll stick with my UM3.

I suspect that features like fans going to standby or the printer shutting off after a print job timeout will be added. They have certainly been requested. Also, the enclosure should help also.

You also said in the same statement that the fix for free isn’t ideal and that the tool is becoming a toy. That means there is room for improvement to your fix. You spent $500 on a tool and it might take $15 or $30 to make it even quieter in a way that doesn’t require servicing… Seems like a pretty fair upgrade.

When I get my DynaMat in, I’m going to try putting it on the feet themselves and see if / how bad it compresses. Dynamat is dense enough that I think it will be okay. I’ve only had the printer for a day, so I’m not where you are at with it. Also, I don’t mind making an improvement to a product if I don’t have to constantly keep servicing it. I understand we are coming at this from very different directions. That’s okay.

Does anybody know when that enclosure is going to be ready? I’m holding off until I receive it before testing CNC and Laser.

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Second that.

Though, I did test my laser (thanks to the included laser glasses).
But CNC is still off.
I believe they said they would start shipping enclosures in January, so I am hoping to get my tracking number soon.

However, I would understand if they chose to spend their energy fulfilling the snapmaker shipments for other backers first (even if some later backers get their enclosure before mine… I did get my snapmaker before them :slight_smile:, didn’t I?)

I just came across a design today that reminded me of your post.


Pretty similar to my approach. I made some cups the original feet can rest in (the extra rubber can’t be bad). The cups crossing over to platforms of 50x50mm. These expanded feet are standing on 5mm PE foam and a 5mm cork mat. Not a great desing to show off but it works for me.

I’m looking forward to get the enclosure but not for the noise but for the dust (getting in and out - environmental and CNC-produced dust)

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I’ve been using this design on the feet of my Prusa 2S for 6 months now and they’ve worked wonders. It really cuts down on amplified vibrations transmitted via the surface the machine sits on. It’d need a small adjustment to the model to allow them to “nest” the snapmakers feet; from square to round.