A350 noisy during print

my A350 arrived and after assembling it with my friend who has Ender he said that it is louder than his Ender 3, is it correct? I’ve read forum and people talk about vibration and noisy PSU, but my A350 is “singing” during printing.

I cannot attach files therefore I uploaded to YouTube.

That sounds about right to me :slight_smile:
It’s the type of stepper drivers. Unless you’re hearing grinding/clunking noises too it’s ok.

Just think of it that it’s singing while it’s working for you :wink:

Mines exactly the same, can almost make a song out of it!
I purchased the enclosure which makes a huge improvement as well as good looking !

Ok. Thanks. I’m gonna build enclosure from IKEA Lack table 90x55, hopefully it’s enough.

I am interested in a home built enclosure as I dont have space for the Snapmaker one. When I looked at the Lack tables the ones that were tall enough were too small and the larger ones 90x55 are too low. Are you going to replace the legs? Would be great to get one of those to work as they cost a lot less than the wood and much easier to put together!

Yeah, I am gonna make longer legs, my own orange acrylic coverage (to counter laser). Today I bought Lack 90x55 and Lack 55x55. First one will be base and second one will be cover (I’ll use only legs), it has damaged desk, therefore it cost 3 €.

I did think that buying 2 and putting them one top down and one top up and connecting the legs together might also work though the top is probably not solid enough to make a good base. Getting one for that price is an even better idea. Well done!

Why not just stack 2 and use the shelves as storage? There’s ways of anchoring the feet of the upper one to the table of the lower, and you might have to fight the racking side-to-side because I don’t see any diagonal supports - might be wobbly.

That would work. The shelves go for sure, just more scrap for testing lasers.
Just tie the bottom of the joined legs with scrap and it should be stable enough. I have been trying to work out how to position my Snapmaker on the bench and I thing sideways seems best with the Z axis moving along the bench giving easy access to both the back and front of the heads. The dimensions of this table fit well with that orientation. All I need now if a device to test that view :grinning:

That’s what I did as well, sideways on an ikea table :D. I also bought an “excercise mat”, one of those rubber thin mats, for it to sit on. Not necessary, just like it. Can throw tools on it without damage.