Ideas for noise dampening

As I like since I was a kid to disassemble everything to it’s smaller part and I was wondering about ideas to reduce the amount of noise generated by the SnapMaker.

So I detached the 3D printing tool from the X-axis, turn on the power and then the noise was much lower. What do you think about placing small rubber washers between the tool and the x-axis plate? That will create a small offset in the Y-axis, but I think it should be ok.

Any other ideas on how to dump?

I have housed mine in a purpose built cabinet, lined inside with acoustic dampening foam and a temperature controlled fan. its quiet enough to print overnight.

Guy, you should really try the search function of this forum!

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Hey GUY, notice I made my comment about the 3D printed feet way back in February, just after I got my machine. At that point the only thing that had been mentioned in the forum was your foam feet idea. I mentioned the printed feet in the spirit of sharing with others. No need to school me here.

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