New power supply fan

Hello everyone,

I get my new power supply today and the small 40x40 is very quiet.

But the 60x60 PSU fan is really noise. I have open the power supply an i see that a MGA6012XR-O15 installed it with 25.13 CFM and 32.9 dB. Have anybody replace the fan to a quieter fan?

Is the Papst 612 FL 60x60x15 or the SUNON HA60151V41000UA99 are a alternative fan?

Have you any other ideas?


I tried two different fans, one Papst and one Sunon and went with the Sunon since it is quite a bit quieter than the Papst fan. So check you are getting one with the correct voltage and you should be good to go.
Once you opened up the PSU you might consider removing the cover in the fan area completely since these cutouts can make a quite annoying whistling noise.
Also have shown this here: