Exteme loud power supply fan

The fan of the power supply is extremly loud. Louder than the complete Snapmaker A350.
Does anybody chanded the original fan to another fan ?
Or is there any possibility to get the fan quiet durig coolng ?

There is a thread here:

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Thank you for the answer. I’ll try it.

By the way … what voltage has the fan ?
5V, 12V or 24 V ?

Further down in the linked thread there is a post with more details on each including voltage. If I recall, they were all 24v.

I have the same problem.
My solution : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4612722
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My solution was to replace the built in case fan with a quieter one from Amazon.

I went with a 5 pack because I can use the rest around in projects, I got these:

FYI, those particular fans (and others I’m sure) have a different plug polarity (black and red are switched compared to the stock fan). If you replace fans, double check the plug polarity!


Thank you for sharing the thingiverse model! I purchased wrong (size and voltage) fan by getting the enclosure fan (8025s24v2p2.5 .1A, Wathai brushless, 40cfm, 27dBA) thinking it was the 2nd internal PSU fan (6010 12V.13A, NMB 2404KL-04W-B30) ). I’ll see if I can modify your case to fit the 8025 24V, by following your model and replacing the small PSU fan completely (3510 24V .08A Xinyujie, XYJ24B3510H 7cfm, 36dBA).

How confusing they use 12V for the large PSU case fan and 24V for the small PSU case fan. At least I can skip the converter T2412. Looking forward to hearing if it is ~2.8 times quieter with 36 dBA vs. 27dBa. The 5X more airflow will be overkill.

Has anyone tried just reversing the fan so it blows air instead of sucks air, that way the noisy exhaust of it would be dampened by the obstacles in the power supply.

give it a whirl if youd like

its a relatively simple mod to accomplish in either case

Another solution would be to insert a low ohm resistor. A small reduction in speed should produce an important decrease in noise.
Did someone try this before?

Why did you select these fans ?. I cannot find any indication of the noise they produce neither in the amazon page nor in the WINNSIN page. Seems they do not care about noise levels…

jabian, the fans that brent proposed are significantly quieter, no further tinkering is necessary :slight_smile:

he applied his knowledge about types of bearings to know that hydraulic bearings are quiet

i had foolishly tried to put in dual ball bearing fans that were a little more money -thinking that more money might mean better results but no, the hydraulic ones are superior

i will say to double check the label on the fan if u buy it… they sent me the dual ball bearings on my next order so i had to return them and get the hydraulic

yeah and after looking at pics on here it doesn’t look like there is any specific ducting in the psu that requires air to be exhausted out the back vs the front.

might wait until i have had my unit more than 2 days to try that. :slight_smile:

Putting flat pavers under the feet have reduced the print noise quite a bit as the table below it was vibrating and causing amplification.

ok well, if you decide you wana try - there is simply 4 screw holding the back plate on and 4 screws with nuts holding the fan on, no security tape or seals or anything to worry about. a little piece of a plastic mesh as a “filter”

the air comes out of both sides on mine

I did the purchase this morning. Let’s see.

I did it also and I’m really happy with it. :slight_smile:

I received the fan from WINNSIN and it works perfect. A very good noise reduction and the power supply is not warmer than before - very good !!!
You have to change the polarity of the cable - red -> black and black -> red.
A small thing, but a big success !!


I contacted support about this, i asked if there was a way to reduce the noise without voiding warrenty. They said i should try replacing the fan and gave me specs to look for. below is the ticket.

Potter (Snapmaker)

Feb 3, 2021, 16:13 GMT+8


Thanks for reaching out to Snapmaker.

The board you sent could not be added since the Power Supply was not designed to add extra items.

You may consider changing a quiet fan. Here are the dimensions: 3510,24V,0.08A,13500RPM

Please feel free to contact us if there are further questions.

Have a nice day.

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Potter (Snapmaker)

Feb 3, 2021, 15:59 GMT+8

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can the fan be swapped with a quieter one?

Feb 1, 2021, 13:58 GMT+8

This is a follow-up to your previous request #70229 “PSU Fan Noise”

or can something like this be added. without voiding warrenty?

yeah, just get one of the hydraulic fans listed above for best results.35 mm x 10 mm in 24vdc.

common, cheap and easy.