SM2 power module noise

Is the polarity on the snapmaker module itself backwards? Because the original red pin does need + and original black pin does need -

i got it rigged up to a lil cable and 24 v source, lil bugger can blow some air!

I’m just asking because I wonder if the particular fan i received is wired differently than yours was.

I guess I will figure it out when I get home one way or the other though!

On the Fan, is the rated voltage 12V or 24V? just to make sure its not blowing hard but short instead of less strong but longer :smiley:

24v is the snapmaker voltage

Just making sure you got 24V fans for the SN, as someone mentioned that the amazon listing changed.

Red is positive, black is negative. As far as I can tell there’s not a strict standard for how fan polarity has to be in the connector. I have fans of all different kinds with a variety of each.

You can look at the silkscreen printed on the fan connector and verify which one is +. On mine at least, the fan wires had to be switched. It was obvious when holding the old and new fan connectors together. Something like this:

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Received my Snapmaker last week and after the first power up I was suprised how ridiculously loud the PSU is. Also designed (yet another) fan bracket for the exhaust fan without the need of modificating the back plate. Thought I might share with you::

Also made a short video for comparison of the stock fan to a Noctua fan if someone who hasn’t received the Snapmaker is wondering what everybody is talking about… :sweat_smile:

After silencing the exhaust the PSU wasn’t as quiet as expected so I took a closer look at the power supply. Installed is a 350W “Great Wall” PSU, the venting holes made quite some whistling noise.
First i thought of printing a new cover but since it is a low profile PSU without much room to the top of the enclosure I wouldn’t be very comfortable with a (thermo)plastic cover so close to heat sources.
So instead I removed this venting hole part completely and sanded the edges down.

Now the whistling noise is gone but still have to replace the integrated fan to quiet it down to a reasonable sound level.


I used NUS-2412E2K (small DC to DC converter package) instead of LM2596.

That looks like a pretty quiet fan eh?

The one I put in is certainly quieter than the original, but is still a bit noisy

Certanly I am a little bit crazy :clown_face: but honestly …,. I like the sound of my snapmaker

I don’t mind it that much either. But I must say it’s tucked away safely in the basement where it isn’t that critical. I wouldn’t want it my living room :slight_smile:

Currently I’m doing some cnc work and with the noise generated by the milling bit cutting through the mdf + the sound of the vacuum for dust collection, I don’t even hear the power supply anymore (or the stepper drivers for that matter) :hear_no_evil:

It isnt so bad for me either, but i thought id try it since it was a real cheap thing to do

i like listening to the printing noises, sans the vibration

Just new to this topic and got the A350 power unit.
Would fan be ok? this
Data: 24v, 404040, 7.9 CFM, 29db(a)


Yeah that would work but its bigger

so you would need to adapt it

if u wana just swap out you need 35mm x 35mm x 10mm

else there might already be a 40mm adaptor in this thread someplace

A great good fan for this purpose. My workplace has been nice and quiet for months now.

im looking to swapping a noctua fan eventually i just havnt gotten into opening to unit up yet. ntm if it isnt broken … dont fix it lol.

…disconnect the fan and leave it?? only got up to 40C with it off

Cant seem to hear any audio so I dont know if you talked about this at all but…

It depends what you are doing.

Some activities require more current than others which would generate more heat.

Ordered these, same size, easy to fit but had to reverse the contacts.

WINSINN 35mm Fan 24V Hydraulic…

What a difference

Regards Graeme

Just swapped the fan out now for the recommended one from Aliexpress, gosh what a difference it makes in noise level. I can stand to be in the same room now.
Hardest part was fiddling with the wires in the plug. Just as well the order comes with 2 fans as I somehow wrecked the metal in the first one, but no problem in the 2nd one.

Do I understand it right? This fan can be used without any new backplate ans stepdown converter, just swapping the cables?
If yes, I would buy this fan WINSINN 35mm Lüfter 24V Hydrauliklager bürstenlos 3510 35x10mm