Need support: linear module play

Hi guys,
today I realized one of the linear module has got a strange play: in the attached video I’ve just made a little movement with my hand to show you what I’m talking about.
I opened the cap and the two screws described in the following link seems ok:

Not sure on the other screws on the inside and how to check them.

Is there a service manual for check or repair the linear modul? I’d like to dismount it and check if the screws on the white (theflon?) guide could be get lose, what do you think?

What could be happened on my Snapmaker?
I played with the CNC on wood, pcb and plastics… I was supposed that material are ok, correct?

The linear module are interchangable?

Please help me!

Hey, yes the linear modules are interchangeable.
Here is the link you are looking for:

Hope this helps!

Thanks for response!
I’ve already checked out the 4 screws of the slider but they seems already tighten.
I’ve swapped the linear module with the one that old the bed (maybe it is better position) but I’m not happy because I have not solved the issue. :frowning:

Can you guys please chek your linear module to see it also yours meke this kind of “play” moving with your hand?

Snapmaker guys… can you please let me know if something is wrong on my Snapmaker?
If yes how can I fix it?

Hi Bullone, can you follow the video to tighten the screws on the Z-axis?

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Thanks Tracy, I’ve already done this check and the 4 screws seems ok

If you swap the Z-axis and Y-axis, will it work better?

Yes, the issue happened on the Z axis so after checking the screws I’ve swapped it with the Y axis thinking that the Y may be less affected by this “play”.
Now it works better and I’m testing all 3 modules but since it also happened to me that a screws comes out I’m just thinking that my Snapmaker may be faulty, what do you think about it?

Also… the issue is still present now on Y axis even if it probably not impact on the works.

Did you carve a lot with it?

No, not a lot, I’ve just used the CNC module to engrave some wood and PCB and to cut couple of plastic box… I never used the CNC on the metal or material too hard.

How long have you been used it? It seems to be faulty. Place it on the Y-axis location, which may not impact the work.

I’ve bought my Snapmaker few days ago on 01/04/2020! :frowning:

Tracy are you part of the Snapmaker official team?
Can you give me an email address to ask for an official support?
Even if placing the faulty module on Y axis seems fine I’d like to fix the problem and check also the other modules to not come in the same issue in the future.

Hey Bullone,

Yeap, I come from Snapmaker. Please send an email to
Thank you

Ok thanks Tracy, I really appreciate your help

Any updates on this issue? How did the snapmaker team respond to your request?

Hi Blitz, you can contact our support at if you have a faulty component. Thank you.