Beware of loose Lead Screw Nut fasteners

So I noticed that round features weren’t turning out round. I also noticed that the inner fill regions weren’t extending out to the outer rim. I thought my X-axis has got play. Sure enough I tried moving the axis back and forth with just a small amount of force and there was play. I looked in to where the lead screw nut is and could see that the two screws that hold it to the carriage were loose!!! So I took off the end cap and it was easy enough to tighten the screws down. Seems like they should be secured with loc-tite. Picture of it enclosed.


i have noticed that printing a square result in the diagonal distance not being equal. I printed a 100x100mm (with inner dimension of 90x90mm) square frame and measured the the inner diagonal I expected the diagonals should be the same around 127.27mm one was about 127.4 and the other 125.7.
could this be caused by a loose screws. What else could be wrong

As I assemble mine this evening, I intend to check every screw for Loctite and add it if it’s not there…or even add it if it is there.

The other thing that ought to be done is a square used to make sure the axes are truly perpendicular. That would cause the square part to be off if not true.

Ideally, cheating the holes the same direction should get you perpendicularity. That’s what I did.

Two of the three linear modules had loose screws holding the lead screw retainer/guide. I Loctited those, the end cap screws, and the dust guard screws on all three modules.

Hmm. How loose were they? I did send Rainie a personal email pointing out the loose screws. Seems like QC needs a kick in their SnapButt. :wink:

They were barely in all the way. It took almost no effort to turn them.

Hi all,

I am new to the Snapmaker and jumped in on the Kickstarter for an A350 a few months back.

I found a good deal a bit over a month ago on the earlier version and couldn’t wait. It had been put together but only had diagnostic run.

I was doing great till this week when I noticed over a 25 hour print run that some of the circles were coming out as ovals and some of the perpendicular drafts were not bonding together and had some gaps. While trying to troubleshoot the issue the linear module set to the Y-axis stopped working. I found the source of both my printing problem and the stopping work of the Y-axis - the bolts holding the shuttle/mounting plate to the plastic riders on the shaft had come off.

My question is - is there a way to reattach the guide to the shuttle? It appears I’d have to reassemble it while the two guilds and interior spring are on the shaft but it looks to be impossible due the flat sides of the guides that need to nestled inside the shuttle. If I put the assembly together while is is not on the shaft I see noway to be the assembly to the correct position on the shaft where it won’t be off from where it should.

Am I at a point where I have to purchase a new linear module? I only see the extended Z linear modules for sale on the website. Maybe a good excuse to buy one and convert the one I am using currently for the Z-axis to take over duties for the Y-axis.

A little annoyed that basically a new unit with only about 40 hours of use had this problem already, but from some of the other posts in the forum it appears I am not the only one that has had to deal with a similar problem.

Thanks for any help or advice.

I figured out the answer to my problem. It is possible to re-attach the platform/attachment shuttle (if I have the term wrong please correct me) to its guides, springs and them to the linear module shaft.

If anyone needs details or recommends they be posted, I can write them up.

I checked the other linear modules and all the screws were loose from at least a half turn and most were a full turn or more.

Does anyone check the lead screws regularly? I don’t know whether to attribute it to a manufacturing/assembly defect or if it is a parts and/or design issue. To be safe, I’ll be check in another 50 hours of operation to see where they are just in case.

I think one or 2 of my ball screws are loose. All of a sudden I started to get strange ringing lines (very patterned) and consistent both in the ID and OD of the print (See Picture). I’m taking it apart this weekend to see. Anyone else seen this type of issue? The finish has not been like this before and seems to be getting worse.

Loose ball screws could be the reason. Although it is more common to have jagged or broken prints with loose ball screws. But If I were you I would confirm if the losse ball screws are the culprit first.