Need help with Proximity sensor adjustment/alignment

While changing my hotend I think I may have moved my proximity sensor at the bottom of the print head. Bed is now having problems leveling. Not sure what the procedure is to adjust it back in place. There used to be a post of this forum, but it seems to be broken.


See page 20 of the troubleshooting guide. The download page is linked below

Thanks Bobby! Not sure how you adjust that screw without removing the print head! I removed the print head - did a rough measurement and then reattached it. It was much closer now to the nozzle bottom now. I guess there is some sort of safety that will never let the sensor get to close to the bed.

I think in the past they have recommended mounting the print head with the top holes on the head lined up with the bottom holes of the axis so that you can still access the screw to the sensor.

Definitely don’t print or do bed calibration like that, but it allows you to adjust the sensor.

For some reason the picture showing how to mount the head lower so you can reach the adjustment screw is not loading. You have to mount it using the top holes on the lower part of the bracket.


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That makes sense. I made the adjustment and now its working again. Thanks all for your help!

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Ahh I was looking for this.

I just received a new 3D printhead because the sensor on my old one had cracked where the rosan insert went into the plastic at the attachment screw location.

I looked over the new printhead and I’m not convinced that it was adjusted properly before it went into the box to ship out to me.

Now I know that I need to mount the printhead using offset holes just to adjust the sensor properly!