Need help with jammed nozzle

Hello all! First post, I bet this is answered somewhere here but I couldn’t find it.

Looks like my nozzle is jammed with filament. I tried pushing it out like it says at

I then tried to take the jammed nozzle parts but the instructions didn’t seem to match the snapmaker 2. I took all the screws out but couldn’t get the heating tube and thermistor out. Is there a video or how to for the snapmaker 2?

well the thing is that the heat break and nozzle are going to be hard to turn while its cold, usually you plug it back in to the head and command it to heat up at which point the nozzle should spin right off of it

the heatbreak is also threaded in to the block.

i think thats a video relevent to the older model snapmaker.

simply put you open the front panel, loosen the set screw on the aluminum block and close the door, and pull the hotend out from the underside of the print head

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Thanks for the advice I’ll try.

Here is the product video about:

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Thanks! That video should be linked better :slight_smile:

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