Need help with Dual Extrusion 3D Model


I just got my dual extrusion module, I noticed that the the front part of my print is way more squeezed than the back part. I’ve calibrated twice, but still I am getting the same issue. I’ve tried offsetting, that makes the back part get better but it ruins the front that was already at a good distance.

I am printing the Check Model, the one with arrows and the circle on the back gets all messed up.
Anyway to fix this?

Share photos or videos please.

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I re calibrated my printer a 2 more times and it seems better but still I can’t get the prime tower 100% on one of the filaments.

Decrease your z-offset to a lower number like - 0.3mm.


It worked. I’ve also changed the prime tower position to be closer to the print so the rift is all together.

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