The Snapmaker 2.0: Modular 3-in-1 3D Printers project is LIVE on Kickstarter!

Great news! The Snapmaker 2.0: Modular 3-in-1 3D Printers project is LIVE on Kickstarter! Back us now at:

The Early Bird specials were out before I could even enter my payment details. . . =(

I see you guys are going with 1 kg filament rolls with these. I’ve only seen 1/2 kg rolls from you guys. Seems silly but I am curious - will the spool remain clear? I made a filament spool container, and I love that your spool is clear, since you can just look in and find what you want… haha… Maybe I will post this on thingiverse for people.

Another questions, I didn’t see any of the upgrade options that you guys had talked about for the original Snapmaker, or for people who wanted to keep the modules and upgrade size, etc?

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I was bummed I missed the EB pricing also since I was on and started my details when there were still over a hundred left… But it said they were out so I had to go back to the “regular” price.

Anyways, I had a question about the 2.0 controller… Since it will have WiFi, will it have a status page (status.xml or something) that OTHER items could query? I would love to have my home automation checking, or my phone, and then notify me when a job is complete (or nearly so) so I can get it right away and start the next one…

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Quite agrivating to get a “ten minutes before open” email 8 minutes after it opened.

Did you pledge for something?
If so, you might register a request with @Rainie to get a credit for the difference.
You may just get a positive response.

I will try that. Good idea.

wow, what a blast, it was like a piranha feeding frenzy with the launch, no one could have forecast that.
Onwards and upwards

Already over $3M… Good job folks.

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I think it should be 0.5KG, where did you find the 1KG data. We developed the longer Z axis linear module and you can upgrade the Snapmaker Original by replacing one linear module. It allows the bigger work area in height.
The longer linear module should be on market the end of the month.

The reward selections say PLA 1kg spool.

No luck Tone. Crickets on my end. =(

Hi Steve,
Will the extended Z Module fit in the snapmaker Housing?

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Yep, if you take the top perspex panel off :joy: