Assembly and first thoughts

Got my Snap a few day ago had time last nite to open it up and check it out. I had my 10 year old work with me to assemble. He did most of it without much help! So good job on the instructions and clarity. Im currently installing software soon to be making parts. Ill keep posting on the progress.
I know the first mode I will do is make up some Covers for the way’s. I know there are some that should work that are off the shelf. Something I feel should be on at least the lowest actuator, as its the one that is most prone for having chips and such fall in.
Just my 2 cents.

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I’m missing in the Manual how to take care of the Printer after usage.
For unexperienced users (like me) it’s not that clear how to handle nozzle and heated bed.

For the heated be I found out by myself that you should wipe it from time to time - maybe with a fat solvent…
The first layers will stop sticking to the platform after a few prints (firstly I thought the bed is not warm enough).

The instructions about how to remove the print and others are in the User Manual. Please take a look:

I have no problems or thoughts about removing the print (like in the manual I did read) but hot to take care about the platform sticker.
My little experience showed me that it gets some kind of greasy after a few days of printing.
The prints will not stick to the plate as good as before.
So I wiped it with a cloth. Then the adhesion gets nearly back to normal.

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My base plate did not have a sticker on it. I attached the feet to the plate. I can not seem to get a linear module to line up with the base plate. Also my base does not look like the one in the book has a lot more holes. (added picture)

I figured it out. Needed to do a little more unpacking. :grin:

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The problem with the loose packing of the heated bed…
Already solved for final product.

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Do I have a bad heated bed?

After 20 minutes I have still not reached 60c? Best temp I been able to reach is 57C.

I have tried to print a few items and the item(s) not sticking to the bed in all places. So I had to start over on a few items.

Still testing, but upgrade the heated bed.


Could you please upload a video recording the temperature problem so that we can have a clear idea what happened?
You can try levelling the heated bed again to solve the problem that the item cannot stick to the heated bed.