Can't update firmware, no GUI option and no USB stick found

At work I have access to a snapmaker 2.0 A350/A350T/F350. The settings menu has no option to update the firmware. The USB stick is recognized by my Windows computer, and it’s in FAT32 with no errors, yet the machine doesn’t recognize the USB stick. Says there’s no files on USB storage. older gcode files aren’t visible either.

How do I update the machine now, or get the USB stick to work again?

Since you say it is “at work” and that you “have access to it,” I am going to assume that it is technically owned by someone else, correct? Have you confirmed with whomever is in charge of it that you are allowed to make such significant changes to the machine?

How big is the thumb drive? I think SM limits them to 32mb. Why, I don’t know.

Indeed, it’s owned by someone else. Personal property of the boss I believe. I’ll try to get in touch with him, but I have the liberty to use and update the machine, but I wouldn’t want to brick it.
I can’t use the machine at all, Luban says the Firmware is too much out of date to connect. So it doesn’t leave much of an option?
I’ll try a few other USB sticks, to see if the machine recognizes them.

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I assume you mean GB instead of MB. At least that’s the size of the stick which was delivered with my device.

If you like your job and want to keep it, you should wait for boss approval.

it’s the original one that came with the machine. Firmware file is 75MB, so a 32MB limit sounds odd. You mean 32GB?

Opps, yes, Gb.
Mine came with only a 32Gb drive and some of my other 64Gb drives don’t work. So I assumed that the size was the problem. Both drives are Fat32 formatted.

FAT32 can support only 32GB partitions. I assume that is the problem, not the Snapmaker itself.

Did you try formatting it with exFAT and put it in again?

You could download a older version of Luban and upload the firmware via wifi.

Okay, my coworkers approved the FW update, and I did it with another USB stick. the USB stick that came with the Snapmaker is still recognized by windows, but the machine doesn’t recognize it anymore. Oh well.