My laser looks normal but stopped burning

Hi, I’m new to forum but I need advice on next steps for this (IMO) mechanical issue.
I use my snapmaker original a lot and rely on it to work properly and have had no issues to date- very happy with it. In the middle of a production run the laser stopped engraving .06 bamboo flat stock. The laser is visible and appears no different to me than normal, but is not burning the image - I’ve done hundreds of these and was in the middle of a run - no interruption in power or settings. The snapmaker is isolated from input and uses USB stick to load .nc images. Tried increasing fixed power at 70% and 100% - no change. Dusted the aperture lightly - no change. I need some guidance please - should I get my hammer?

Have you ever cleaned your Laserlens?

I dusted what off what I could, because that was my first thought too. Should I clean deeper - can I remove the lens or unscrew the cap? - I just don’t want to damage it further. Thanks for replying, you’re awesome.

You should clean it with somthing for glasses or objectives and a earstick carefully.
Mine from A350 had loosen power and cleaning was the goal at least.

Sadly, it’s not a FOD thing. I cleaned it and no change. That is still how it’s behaving though - like it’s dirty. Everything seems to be working normally - except this one thing.

Is it possible to get Snapmaker on the phone?

From February 11, 2021 to February 17, 2021, all customers can still place orders in our online stores during 2021 Chinese Lunar New Year. Our customer service department will remain open, but the response rate will decrease. Thank you for your understanding