Laser problem snapmaker 2.0

hi , i have a snapmaker 2.0 for a little over 2 months , i have been using the laser mainly but a few days ago it stopped working properly , i have engraved some tiles but now it can not .record none, it seems that it doesn’t have all the power working, I’ve done several calibrations, I’ve only tested with 1 square, I’ve already tested with luban and ligthburn, it’s always the same, I’ve updated the firmware, but…still unable to engrave on the tile.this happened overnight, I tried to cut plywood ďand 1.5mm 30 passes and it still doesn’t cut, does anyone have tips or advice on what I can do…

Do you have an enclosure? Does it think the door is open?

Clean the lens?
Canned air.
Some people use IPA and a Q-tip. I personally would only use stuff you’d use on camera lenses.


Definitely only use stuff made for camera lenses, you don’t want to be marring the lens of a laser that’s for sure.