Laser stops, can be resumed

Hi, my laser (1600mW) stops quite often, but can be resumed if I tap the pause button twice. Not connected to a computer.

It’s the movement that stops, and the laser goes into “jog strength”, as its on, but not burning paper.

But lasering now requires supervision, and it takes a long time and I have to check in on it constantly. Using 20 % power now, but stops at other power levels as well.

Is there a fix for this?

3D printing works, and I haven’t tried the weak laser yet.

Have you got a new enclosure with a door contact?- try to deactivate the door switch,- sry can´t remember the gcode…

Hope this link helps!

Thanks for the tip, but I have the old version without enclosure.

After resuming it seems to burn while traveling until a new instruction is given. So it makes a thin line until the next feature.

@iSagen Firmware version, Version of Luban and a uploaded gcode which fales would be useful for the Snapmaker Team :wink:
@JKC20 @Edwin

Latest firmware, Snapmaker 2.7.1

I am not allowed to upload files yet…

Do you mean Snapmaker Original?
Maybe you need to clean the USB stick and its cable in the controller with alcohol cleaner in avoid the poor connection.

As 3D printing works without stops I assume the USB-stick is OK.

This drove me nuts. I had print issues as well.
Do another one. When it stops don’t hit resume. go into jog mode and attempt to move the x and y axis a few 10mm jumps in each direction from where it stopped. Does it move in all 4 directions or does it seem to stop in 1 direction? If it does stop, is it on the x or y axis?
I had several issues that were corrected when I swapped out the power supply with a Mean Well LRS-150-24 Switching Power Supply, Single Output, 24V, 6.5A, 156W. I had found that the original PS was unable to provide the maximum draw (119 watts) of the Snapmaker.
I still had a lasering issue though and found that the x-axis was the one that was loosing it’s positioning (evidenced by the fact that it wouldn’t move in the -x direction past the point of where it stopped). I swapped it with the y-axis because the y-axis rail doesn’t move; so there is no flexing of the cable. I’ve had no issues since then.
Hope this helps

Thanks, I will try this soon.

I have now tired this.

When it stops, the only button working is pause, and after hitting pause, the only button working is resume. So I can’t jog it.