Laser stop after few minut

Hi, i have Snapmaker original with 200mW laser module.
I create the file with Lubian and i generate the gcode in usb.
I start to engrave but after few minut the machine stop and don’t start again… if i press the button pause and after the button continue the machine restart but few minut after stop again…
i try to wait more time before press the button, like 1 hour but nothing happen…
am I wrong in something?

Do you have a original-enclosure?
There is maybe a faulty door-detection?

Hi, i don’t know witch Snapmaker original have, i have the enclosure but not connected.
when the machine stop there isn’t any message on the lcd.
I try to make your suggestion and after i tell you something later.
for now i have 2 option:

  1. i have upgrade the firmware with 2.11 some time ago and only now i use the laser(i already try to download the new and upgrade it)
  2. maybe the problem is only when use a usb(i already try to change pen)

thank you very much

today I did some test, and the problem it’s only when I use a usb stick, if I connect the laser to pc the machine does not stop.

Try some other usb thumb drives to get sure your stick is defective.

i see that if I use a old version of software it’s ok