Monitoring options

Hi Snapmaker,

is there a plan to have something like a monitoring app for mobile phone?
Because it would be good for longer prints to be able to see the status or in worst case to stop the print.
For this I would suggest to obverce somehow the nozzel. I had it several times now that the print stucked because of this. And in case of 30h prints it’s really sad …


Yeah, that would be great! Or at least provide an API, I’m sure someone on here will come up with an idea.

There is an API but it takes over the Snapmaker and does not allow for just monitoring it. I have a functional Hubitat driver that I wanted to monitor it with, but that prevented the UI from much use so I could not access the USB to start my prints.

I will be very happy as soon as they make it possible to JUST monitor…

Thanks for your feedback. Monitoring especially remote monitoring is useful for long prints, but we are not working on it recently (at least in recent months).