Filament tracking?

Can we get some nice info graphics in Luban and control screen about estimate filament remaining or something like that? :slight_smile: - It would be nice to have some semi-automatic way to track how big print can be made from remaining filament in spool in my opinion. Im not sure how practical/effective it would be for ppl frequently changing filaments but im sure there is some solution to this problem also.

The problem there is when you are using two printers it will not work!
Because the printers are not talking to each other :rofl:

That stat could be tracked local on the printer accessed via the touchscreen and then transmitted back to Luban when asked for it. Then it wouldn’t matter how many printers Luban was talking to, it would just update the stats based on which printer was selected.

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It seems like it should do do that yeah, but it doesnt even feed back the estimated time to completion via wifi

it might over usb though.

Even if it didn’t tell Luban, it would be nice to have an odometer on the touch screen where we can see total amount the extruder has pushed ever and during current print job. That would allow us to gauge remaining life on the head, how much material just went into the current project, and so on.

As far as estimating amount remaining on the roll, I agree with OP that it would be great but any time you change colors or materials without completely running the roll empty you’ll lose track of where you are on that roll. I like the idea but I don’t know it would be implemented accurately.

Other than file transfer and a play/stop button, is there any remote monitoring of the printer possible? SNMP traps, an API, or anything we can touch?

some of the firmware is open source, and octoprint is usable as long as you dont mind losing filament runout.

more advanced slicers such as simplify3d and cura provide you with an estimated usage per print though.

Luban does that too. When generating the gcode it provides a time estimate, weight of filament used and length of filament used. (bottom right of the central window)

Im kinda hoping overall they will yet improve communicating info between printer and Luban … there seems to be a lot of stuff not possible without USB connection from what i was reading, Luban often disconects when print starts and so on. But basic idea was to use devices touchscreen and memory (showing it also in Luban would be nice bonus) and have something like this quick mocup i made (it needs a lot of refinement):

Where we could add filament, name it, color it, set which one we are currrently using and printer would substract from active progressbar during prints. I dont know yet where to place edit and remove options but i guess long press contextmenu or something but thats not important … you get basic idea i suppose. I dont have high hopes it would be extra accurate or snapmaker team being so “initiative” to add something like that but it would be nice QoL feature :slight_smile:
Note: After multimaterial module will come out it would add to it some more complexity but i believe instead of selecting one active filament it should be just possible to select active filament per extruder or something.