Camera connected via USB

Hi everyone,

i tried searching, but it didn’t give me a reasonable result, but is there an opportunity to connect a USB cam to one of the USB-Ports on the Artisan Controller Unit?

I am missing a bit the visual monitoring functionality for prints.
I know about simply using a WiFi cam or a Raspberry with Octoprint, but that’s not what i am looking for.

Many thanks

Then you’re SOL.

That’s a statement i can live with, even if it could be more friendly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Best/cheap option is a simple pi cam ($20), and can monitor from anywhere.

That what i was thinking about. I have a Pi and somewhere in my computer mess a camera. Maybe i will use Octoprint
Will try it the next days.

Thanks for your suggestion

Octoprint is overkill if you just want the camera view. Many lightweight pi cam alternatives.

Thanks. Good to know - i expect the Artisan prints very well, so no need to adjust parameters too often during the print.

No, but it’s nice to just watch the progress from bed in the middle of the night. I also have a cam pointed at the control panel screen.

I would like to monitor the print process to verify if a print fails. Without camera i have to walk upstairs every time where the printer is located.

I am lazy :wink:

I haven’t got an Artisan, but I have been using Octoprint (in the Octopi version) with an A350 since the beginning and the combination works well for both running and managing print jobs and files plus having the integrated camera. There are so many useful plugins like Octopod that enables push notifications on print progress and so on.

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Many thanks.

i will give it a try somewhere later. Not one of the top priorities, it’s more a “nice to have”.
Maybe i am too spoiled by my previous printer with integrated Klipper and Webcam. Never mind, the Artisan is playing in a different league.

I understand - my beginnings were with bare bones printers with no networking and the first gen networking on the Snapmaker A350 was pretty lame so I adopted Octoprint early on.

Pretty much the same. My first printer had nothing at all and i used an USB stick as expected. Then i got a printer which has almost everything built in.

But that brings the risk that you’re losing focus of the original intention and got lost in tons of configurations and modifications.

So i like the way the Artisan is doing it. Minimalism, focussed on “make something wonderful”

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Did you read my post about cameras

link to post: 3D Printer Live Cam

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I am using the Beagle Cam V2. If you want it can also control the printer in a similar way that Octoprint does but you are not required to do so and it can be used just as a streaming camera.

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I dont like Cameras which are streaming pictures and videos to server in China. My primary webcam which is observing some room while i am away stores files only on my own cloud.
But that is my personal problem. Can anyone decide by himself

I think i will try the Raspberry solution with a Zero W and a cheap no-name USB-Cam.