Misprinted/misaligned laser engraving even after calibration

I tried a few things like recalibrating, different material, and making a couple small adjustments in the luban workspace, but I’m still getting these extremely inconsistent prints where the alignment of different shapes is all off. It seems like it’s having particular issues getting the “brackets” to line up cleanly. It’s weird because I’ve done the same/similar design at smaller scale with no issues. Any ideas why this is happening and how to fix it? Photo of workspace attached. Thanks guys :slight_smile:

That photo looks lined up to me. What is misaligned?

I keep finding the preview after gcode generation doesn’t match the preview while positioning vectors, specifically where text is included.

My issue is probably related to my svg having transforms/translate, but to be honest the text size and positioning doesn’t ever match unless I convert text objects to paths in inkscape/etc.
There’s also other issues like scaling, object clones and svg:text all not appearing correctly in gcode preview but being shown okay in initial object preview.