Luban lining up way off with camera background

So i keep trying and keep getting different results everytime. The settings provided by snapmaker are not accurate at all. But to start off with Luban is a crap program to use for laser cutting and i really wish someone could provide me with a better software.

Does anyone know how to line up the camera background and the project to actually print in the same place shown, instead of way off the board?

A lot of people seem to love Lightburn ( No personal experience with it yet.

And the camera calibration has it’s challenges. It’s often a lot easier to do the alignment manually in stead of using the camera calibration.

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Try a search. This has been covered many times.

As @brvdboss said most people find it’s not worth the effort and easier and faster to do alignment manually. Luban actually does a pretty good job at the laser part. It’s okay for 3d printing but is simple and lacks options. For cnc I think it’s pretty useless.