Tool gets stuck outside of work area when engraving?

Hey guys,

Brand new here as I’ve just got my Snapmaker 2.0 yesterday! I did a successful first run with the laser cutter/engraver and it turned out really nicely!

Today I’ve tried to use a grayscale image and I a) don’t get a preview in Luban of the path and b) if I try to run it, the tool moves along the Y axis as if it’s working through the path, but stays outside of the actual engraving plate and the laser doesn’t activate (I guess because of a safety mechanism).

Supporting images here -

Anyone know what’s going on? My first run ran perfectly and I followed the same process but having this issue with the second one.

Try the new luban version and check again :wink:

Thanks! I’d only just downloaded it so figured 3.5.0 was the latest! Seems to be working fine on 3.6.

I do have another thing I’m not sure about though, if you/anyone has a clue what’s going on? My G-codes are are always in the top right corner of the axis, never in the middle like in the example videos. The image scan is centred in that top right corner so I’m not sure what’s going on. Image attached -