Middle layer printing problem

Need your assistance. In a middle of my prints there is a brake. Can’t understand why. On a cutter looks fine but after some layers printer is going chaotic then back to normal. Can’t finish my prints. What is going on?
I’m using the cura slicer.

Are you talking about the lifted up edge?
Depending on the geometry it could be necessary to print (too) large overhang with support structure to prevent spaghetti.

The issue about your lifter up edge appears because it’s overheated, maybe the nozzle was there for too long time (minimum layer time or length) or the temperature was too high. This could also occur if you don’t print with enclosure or open it mid print but mainly this case appears on the bottom of the print by detaching from the build plate.
These are factors which could cause lifted edges.

Unfortunately it’s not good visible for me.

If there shouldn’t be a overhang, was your filament tangled or not free spinning so it came to be printed mid air?
Be sure your filament could spin free and could be feeded as easy as possible.
This is the case if it is pulled from the center over the print head.

Hi xchrisd,
Thanks for your time to help me. Still don’t know what to do. There is a one body to print. Tried 3x and with no success. With open enclosure, with closed… Every time after 5-7 mm high of the base - mess begins and one body is splitting in two.

it is nothing complicated…

If you watch it print, I guess you will see that the extruder can’t pull the filament from the spool.

There are several threads about printing mid air, have a look for example at this:

Hi xchrisd,
Rebuilded my enclosure (diy version :slight_smile: ) and now filament enters enclosure directly over the extruder. Better flow but… no effect. 3 tries and 3 fails :frowning:
So I changed filament to my cheapest one and…

No problem!

SO i did temp tower test and

Big tolerance to temp. Slit my problem with this filament is a mystery to me. Anyway big thanks for your help.
Great prints for you every time :slight_smile:

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