Artisannot let me printing 400x400

Hi everyone

New with the Artisan, I checked a few comments about the issue, but even with the right nozzle I can’t get the printer to print up to 386, what I saw Luban has gray lines around the bed that do not allow me to print there, anyone has an idea how remove those lines?


You wouldn’t happen to be using the quick release kit would you? That pushes the toolhead forward and reduces usable area.

EDIT: Also you can try rotating the model 90 degrees to put the long edge across X and use the right nozzle.

yes, I’m using the quick-release kit and already tried to move horizontally and vertically, left and right top and bottom but still same 386 is the max.

Looking at Luban and changing my machine type, indeed it seems to be limited. You will have to contact and ask them why their print volumes are misleading.

EDIT: It seems to be the area dictated by the skirt, open the full settings with the left extruder, click the “Initial Layer Adhesion” section, and change the build plate adhesion method to none. Then swap your model back to the right extruder.

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hell yeah! you rock! thanks!