Weird layer lines on my prints. Is my nozzle partially clogged?

I’m having some trouble with my Snapmaker Artisan. I started noticing some inconsistent layer lines on my prints. One side will be smooth but the other will haver very rough layer lines. It seems to happen sporadically. Maybe it’s because sometimes i use Cura and others i use Snapmaker Luban.

I’ve tried very fine settings with a slow speed as well as recalibrating the machine every other print.

But I’m a little at a loss as to where to start looking to fix this. Could to be a partially clogged nozzle?

Speeds, temperature, gcode all the same?More data pls.

I guess its poor part cooling (maybe too hot in enclosure)?

Hi @xchrisd ,

It’s basically the default normal profile of Luban. This is the same boat. One side was a bit smoother than the other side.

I have since done a dual print, 1 orange and 1 matte black and I’m beginning to suspect it’s the material or the nozzle as the black one came out smooth.

Try printing a temp tower and or experiment with various temps.
Every filament (even from spool to spool at cheap filament) could have its own sweet spot, depending on its material and colour.