Many Problems with Laser (1600 mw)


Mac OS Mojave, MacBook Pro (2012)

Ok, I have read the directions, I have watched 2 tutorials on setting up the laser for printing. We cannot get the laser to print a drawing my wife made. Yes, I’m a noob, (everyone is at some point.)

I can get the drawing uploaded, I can get the algorithm set to the best looking (although it looks nothing like the picture when uploaded). I cannot get the origin to work - the laser does not turn on, although it says it is on at 6%. Moving the % higher still doesn’t turn on the laser.
In addition to this, while I am working in SnapMaker JS, the screen will go blank, and I have to cmd Q to close and then reopen.

I was able to move the axis around using the jog function, which did give me a laser dot to focus and move, however, that was disabled when trying to get the origin point set.

Is it normal that you have to upload the same picture everytime? Why isn’t the image retained?

I also cannot upload the image to the Kingston drive provided.

Now I also do not even have the option on the left side of the SJS to try to set origin.

I was impressed by the construction, being all metal and also using worm gears instead of belts, but now I’m totally frustrated with this machine!

Should I change the 1600mw out for the 200mw? Are these problems due to using Mojave?
Is there a way to contact Snapmaker via phone or chat?

Thanks in advance for the help, I really appreciate it.