Many Problems with Laser (1600 mw)

Mac OS Mojave, MacBook Pro (2012)

Ok, I have read the directions, I have watched 2 tutorials on setting up the laser for printing. We cannot get the laser to print a drawing my wife made. Yes, I’m a noob, (everyone is at some point.)

I can get the drawing uploaded, I can get the algorithm set to the best looking (although it looks nothing like the picture when uploaded). I cannot get the origin to work - the laser does not turn on, although it says it is on at 6%. Moving the % higher still doesn’t turn on the laser.
In addition to this, while I am working in SnapMaker JS, the screen will go blank, and I have to cmd Q to close and then reopen.

I was able to move the axis around using the jog function, which did give me a laser dot to focus and move, however, that was disabled when trying to get the origin point set.

Is it normal that you have to upload the same picture everytime? Why isn’t the image retained?

I also cannot upload the image to the Kingston drive provided.

Now I also do not even have the option on the left side of the SJS to try to set origin.

I was impressed by the construction, being all metal and also using worm gears instead of belts, but now I’m totally frustrated with this machine!

Should I change the 1600mw out for the 200mw? Are these problems due to using Mojave?
Is there a way to contact Snapmaker via phone or chat?

Thanks in advance for the help, I really appreciate it.

Yeesh, no one ever replied to this since November? Got mine today and I can get the 200 to engrave, but can’t get ANYTHING to work on the 1600. It is just stuck on “Detecting…” Did you or anyone ever figure this out? Thanks!

Sorry for the problem you ran into.
Please fill in the warranty request, and attach a video or several pictures of problem and describe the problem in details.
We will transfer several questions to you from our engineer later and instruct you to locate the problem.
Once the problem is located, we will provide a solution to you accordingly.
The more detailed your description is, the fewer questions we will have.

Hi Steve,
Well, the problem seems to be that Snapmaker is not ready for Mojave. We bought a pC laptop running windows 1 and have been able to get some nice laser engraving, although the JS program still seems to be buggy, as it loads V E R Y S L O W L Y, and sometimes the spinning wheel of death just spins and spins while simple line drawings are uploading. This happens especially when trying to resize by entering a value on the size scale.
I have also had to shut down JS and restart to get it to work.
The machine/touchscreen does not seem to recognize the USB drive, I have tried to put a gcode on the usb and use it, and it does not show up on the touchscreen.
If I am creating another copy, that has been easy, but I am baffled why it takes so long to set up a new engraving. I am using the 1600 laser.
I will fill out the warranty and send video/pictures to show you what happens. You should also change your YouTube videos, as they no longer represent, at least on my machine, what is being shown on screen.
I am looking forward to using the other two heads, which also didn’t work with Mojave. (Apple)
Thanks so much for replying,

Another Question-
I bought the enclosure, is it safe to watch the laser engrave through the enclosure without the green glasses?

I do not have any apple hardware, but they do have apple software. you may need to deal with loading specific drivers to get Apple to play nice with a third party machine. I can answer a few of the issues here:

Laser and CNC require active port, not the usb. The only thing that can use usb is loading gcodes for 3d printing. You can use the USB do load a cnc/laser Gcode, but all the focusing and origin work requires a ported computer.

Also my 2cents, if you are just laser etching use the lower watt laser. It will have better focus. Use the larger laser if you are wanting to do laser cutting or really burn the surface. If you poke around you can find some things worth cutting out. Some small airplanes look promising to me.

I also originally had a hard time with the power setting for the lasers. I found, you hit SAVE, it seems to think you want it always at that power. . . so like, do 2-3% to find your focal point and origin, but then turn it off, bump it up, and save. I think the software for the laser could be much more intuitive than it is now that’s for sure. Also, I think multi-pass at low values makes a much better image with gray scale, even though it takes longer.

And Yes, it’s safe with the enclosure without glasses! =D Just don’t get cheeky and try to peek through the top holes or something like that.

It’s safe to watch the laser engrave through the green glasses, please don’t worry.

@cv66seabear Sorry about the problem you ran into. The Snapmakerjs version 2.5.2 is quite slow and we are going to fix the problem, but it will need some time. Before that we suggest you use the older version like V2.4 at Downloads and Updates.

Regarding the USB drive issue,please format the USB drive in windows system(not in MAC OS) and i think the problem will be solved. Please don’t hesitate to tell us if you have any problem.

YES!!! It is frustrating. I too have a Mac and when I attempt to run the laser it takes a nose dive to the lower left of the machine (as you look at it).

When you try to run the autofocus for the laser, all I get is a series of printed dots in a diagonal. Then it fails the process. I have requested assistance but they are SLOOOOOOW in replying and now I am leaning toward they will not respond unless your spending money.

Their tutorial videos are clearly meant for promotional purposes since they are not accurate.

I have the Snapmaker 1.0 as well and had issues as well, when I contacted them I never received a response. And this was over 2 years ago!

I have to say the machine is put together well but CUSTOMER service is LACKING to say the least. What a shame. I waited so long for something that is turning out to be a lemon.

I’m about to put a hammer to it and buy a different machine. I will email them pics and a small video of it and then post it where ever I can explaining my frustration, maybe then I’ll hear from them