Machine not responding (another one!)

I see from a bit of searching that the “machine not responding” doesn’t seem to be an unusual problem, however it’s doing it for me with a brand new machine that I’m setting up for the first time. I’ve emailed support, but thought I’d ask here while I wait for a response.

I’ve gone through the checks on the support document, and I seem to be able to control the machine from Luban, so it seems it may be a faulty screen/cable. But the thing is, I haven’t even been able to do the initial setup of the machine, as it did this the first time I switched it on, so all I’ve done so far is got it to return to the home position and been able to move the XYZ positions.

I don’t want to be running it via usb due to space and machine/computer location really, but is there any way of running the setup via the software? Do I really need to do it, or can I just start working with it? Or is there anything else I can try to get it working?

Thanks in advance!

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I’m is the same boat. Sent a ticket to support and they asked for a video of the issue. I did find how to trouble shoot to find the component issue. 1) Rotate the tablet connection 180, if it starts to work it’s the tablet or tablet cable 2) Use a usb to connect a computer to the controller. If it works the issue is the tablet or tablet cable. If it does not work the issue is the controller.

Looks like my controller is the problem.

Snapmaker; the location of the usb and tablet connection needs to be swapped. If the tablet connection is on the bottom a 90 degree connector can be attached to the tablet cable. This will reduce the pressure to the tablet cable. Better yet, make the tablet cable connect a real usb connector.