Machine is not responding

I recently got my A350 and did the setting up asp the manual, but it keeps displaying this message when i tried to power up the machine.

I contacted support and they asked me to update to the latest version, but i am unable to enter the program to update anything.

I also noticed that the “breathing lights” at the back go off once i connect the touchscreen to the system.

Anyone faced something similar or have any advise?

Thanks in advanced!

Did you connect a tool head to your machine?
Connect the laser tool head, to not run into calibration-mode of 3d printing and try to update to the latest firmware.

Hope this helps!

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I thought that might work! I tried it, but the same issue happened even with the laser tool head :confused:

Still waiting for customer support to get back to me, sent them a couple of videos and photos. hoping for the best!

Thanks though xchrisd!!!

I had the same problem after installing the enclosure. I thought I had a cable problem because it worked before the enclosure was installed. So, I reseated the cables and found the real problem. The usb connector inside the controller for the touchscreen was loose and fell off. Before it fell off it had enough of a connection to power up the touchscreen but not communicate to the machine. I inspected the connector and found that it was not soldered correctly during manufacture. I’m still waiting for the replacement controller and it has been about 6 weeks.


May you post some pictures about your defect @TonyKY?- i am interested in :wink:

Notice the 4 sunken holes where solder is missing. This is the back side of where the connector is mounted.



I have the same issue -> The Machine is not responding

I can connect the Snapmaker A250 via USB Cabel to the PC and can start the print Job via Luban.

Have anybody a solution for the problem?

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It seems your touchscreen is defective, you have to write
Make some pictures and write them some lines what you have tried and how it works.
Hope this helps!

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I have open last Thursday a ticket via mail but no response until now :grimacing:

@michaelapp What you need to check is the “breathing” light on your controller, once that light goes off, your machine will stop working. You can remove the touchscreen and reset your snapmaker, to see if the breathing light works. If it does, you can connect a PC/laptop and do some prints manually while waiting for support to respond.

Similar to @TonyKY, I have suspicion that it is likely the controller rather than the touch screen being faulty. I tried plugging in an empty type C connector and the breathing light dies off as well. Snapmaker support has been in touch and has already arranged for a replacement which is in the air somewhere (hopefully!), I’ll update here once I’ve received it and tried it out. :pray:

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I finally received my new controller, it took about 5 weeks to get it. I checked the solder connections on the new controller and found them to be short on solder also. I expect this is a common problem. Be very careful with this connector. If you have the enclosure the touchscreen cable is pulling on this connector, so stretch the cable to remove strain. I suspect there will be a lot of issues with this connector.

The parcel came! Turns out my troubleshooting was off, it is the touchscreen that’s having issues. Tried my old touchscreen with the new controller and the same thing happens, but it works perfectly with the new touchscreen :grin: can’t wait to get printing!!


Same with my printer. Thanks for the explanations before, perfectly fits. I had to position the touchscreen outside of an enclosure and that obviously broke the soldered connection when making use of the spiral cable (hey, what is a spiral cable supposed to be done with -pulling?!?). Obviously misengineered. Raised a ticket, looking forward to weeklong arguments. Having to print from my laptop - for sure a challenge give the instability of the overall solution with the luban software and printer interface… expecting many erroneous prints…

For others watching this topic or researching this problem:

A few weeks ago I got my SM2 A350, but other obligations prevented me from setting it up right away. Then roughly 2 weeks ago I finally got it all assembled, and ran into this same problem.

I contacted Snapmaker Support via the website and started a ticket, explaining in detail each step I had taken in the troubleshooting and why that led me to diagnose it as a defective touchscreen (“breathing” lights functioning normally, reversing touchscreen connector had no effect, able to connect, communicate, and control via USB, etc.).

Snapmaker representative Zero Zhao got back to me in under 24 hours, confirmed my diagnosis, and shipped out a new touchscreen the next day. It took a couple days to reach me (I am in California, USA) and corrected the problem immediately.

Thank you, Snapmaker and Zero, for being so on top of this! I am extremely happy with my decision to buy a Snapmaker, the long wait to get the machine was totally worth it, I will certainly be buying the expansion modules as they become available, and I would absolutely reccomend this product to anyone.

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