Luben temperture setting change C° to F°

I don’t see how to change C° to F° for 3D printing setup for generating gcode with Luben. Is the only choice C° and using C° = 5*(F°-32)/9?

Honestly, it never occurred to me to try. All of the literature, material, and questions I’ve seen about 3D printing have used Cº, so I just continued with it. You mostly don’t need to think about it once you dial in your rig’s best printing temperature. Only if you switch back and forth between different printing materials, and even then it’s just remembering the right number for each material.

I think of it more as a setting than a temperature, so it doesn’t really matter what the units are.

Now, if you’re an experience machinist, you might be used to thinking in terms of thousandths of an inch instead of millimeters. I am not, but I could see it causing problems for others. In this case, you probably already have some CNC software that you’re comfortable using. I mostly use google’s search bar to translate my Imperial measurements to metric (search “1.25 inches in mm”), then design the model in metric.