Metric or Imperial

I created a model in Imperial Measurements (Inches) and loaded it into Luban. Luban thinks the model was created using Metric system and shows up very small.

Is there a switch in Luban to change from Metric to Imperial or vice versa?

3d printing is all metric.

the short answer is: no, there is no method for that luban, outside of simple scale conversion with a percentage

im not tryin to math that percentage for you though its too early for that

You can try getting into cura (which would be good for more reasons than that) and download the imperial to metric addon called barbarian plugin. the rest of the world thinks we americans are barbarians. :joy:

or simplify3d does it out of the box but thats expensive.

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Learn the metric system.
For everything SM and Fusion 360 related it’s just so much easier.
But I do admit that when I’m envisioning something I sometimes have to convert to imperial to imagine it.

I solve that issue by scaling up by 2540. Works every time.

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