Luban Save File

I was making a Benchmark file for my Snap Maker 2 laser in Luban.
I made shure to save as much as possible due to 162 individual shapes with all custom settings.

Not I took a break (after hours of hard typing labour) and saved the file to .snaplzr

Now I want to open the file back up and it shows nothing!
Can anyone help me out?


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Side note:

Currently in Luban 3.8.0 in the Laser suite there is no option to select multiple items.
So if I have 180+ objects (162 shapes and text) And they all need to move +5x and +10y I have to adjust all of the individually

By the luck of the gods I found that I saved a G-code file that I was trying to send via de WIFI.
So The hours are not lost

But the Other files are still empty.

So when I am working in the laser suite the only backup would be a temporary manual made save state in a G-code file ?

With the latest version of Luban, you could go to the start dropdown menu of Luban and save your work progress (not at the PC right now…)
Just tried it once…

Due to that I have been working on my educational paper I am ‘save’ paranoid at the moment.

I made the set up in the Laser Suite( ‘laser G-code Generator’) of Laban 3.8.0 (on 11-08-2020)
In the ‘File’ tab I used ‘Save (ctrl +s)’ and ‘Save as’. Both generated a ‘SNAPLZR File (.snaplzr)’ File.
But the file loads on a blank screen and are only 91bytes big.

And I have found no way in Luban 3.8.0 to edit loaded G-code files.
In the workspace you can load preciously saved G-code files and only modify the machine parameters.
In the ‘laser G-code Generator’ there is only the ‘Add’ button that loads fresh files.

I’ll try to fiddle some more with the ‘SNAPLZR File (.snaplzr)’ files.

Some more testing

So the ‘SNAPLZR File (.snaplzr)’ file contains G-code file.
If you work in the ‘Laser G-code Generator’ and save. You must have generated the code. Via ‘Process’ and the ‘Generate G-code’.

If you save the file without the generate there will be saved nothing!!!
A Good to know factor is involved

May I recommend a red flag or a warning box attached to the save option in Luban?

If ‘save file’ is equal of smaller then bytes ‘X’ (91bytes) then give warning ‘Y’ in the user interface: ‘Pop up warning (you have to generate the G-code before saving to save the progress properly)’

Snap Maker A350 Laser Benchmark (68.3 KB)

This is a scavenged part of the file.

When I open the file I am missing parts and the order of loaded items is scrambled.
Can someone try to open the file and check if they see the same?

The file should look like this.
The order of loading the files in should be:

  • Outer rim
  • Text
  • Shapes ascending in from top to bottom and left to right (column by column)

The generated code scrambled the order I think.

The settings for the shape and text are not saved in the ‘SNAPLZR File (.snaplzr)’ file.
The shapes should have a combination of the power and the work speed corresponding to the text (which I manually checked)

In the reopened save file they are al back to the default state!


The hole reason why I am making this table was that I wanted to give the community and nice benchmark file so they can test there laser on different materials and see precicly what setting gives what finish.

I could share the finished G-code file for that purpose. I’ll try to get to V1.0 before I share it!


I agree. Being able to save config parameters between attempts would allow iterative optimizations (and better trial and error success rates).
I just learned the hard way, but my test piece only had four items… good luck on your quest!

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Hello @Letho.

Thanks for your effort, I was going the same way:
and got to your post the hard way.

Your solution is better than mine as it evaluates the effect of speed on detail, but I will propose 2 improvements:

  • closed boundaries in each “even” line/column intersection (like my ellipse approach)
    (this way it is possible to understand the “full cut” limit, which is useful many times)

  • units on the speed

This is relevant on another discussion where units are being confused: mm/s or mm/min

Luban version 3.12.3 displays 3000 mm/min

Can you share your saved Gcode?
(want to try before changing process again for all items, one by one…)

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