Can't Open .SnapLzr File...Nothing Happens

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to consistently laser burn onto a set of coasters. To facilitate this I arranged 9 circles in Luban (just shy of 4 inch diameters) and burned those circles into a piece of wood I’ve taped to the platform.

This has allowed me to reliably place coaster blanks in the correct spot so I can be sure the laser burns to the proper coordinates.

However now I can’t open the Luban save file of the 9 circles to place my images at the correct coordinates in Luban (I previously was only testing in the middle circle and deleted everything but the middle circle content while I played with settings).

Every time I try to open the file Luban will open (separate instances if I keep opening the file) but nothing populates in the laser editor. I don’t think I’ll be able to place a new grid exactly where my old grid was now that I’m ready to start burning 9 at a time.

Help Please!!

Coaster (276 Bytes)

I am sorry for you, in your file is no data to work with.
Did you save this way, what vers. of Luban do you use?

If you have the gcode it is possible to reconstruct the work origin.- Give a shout out if you need help @xchrisd .

Hi Chris,

I am using version 3.9.0 and yes I used Save As to save it. So I did send the file to the Snapmaker instead of running it from Luban, is it possible to extract from my A350 and load back into Luban that way? If yes, can that be done via Wifi or would I need to use a USB?

Never tried, maybe connect the touchscreen directly to a pc.
I guess, no chance was somewhere in the forum told…

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Never had any kind of luck saving files from SM when I was using 3.8 so I’ve never tried since. Not sure what it’s actually supposed to be saving but it didn’t save anything for me then.


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First, I want to say thanks to xChrisd and Sdj544 for replying.

Ultimately what I ended up doing was re-doing my circles instead of trying to figure out going from my A350 back to Luban and this was for the best.

Instead of randomly dragging duplicate circles as I did the first time, I used specific XY coordinates and made a handy guide as well.

This way if I ever need to add a circle back in to Luban (but don’t want to burn them too), I can position it quickly, add in my content, then delete the circle.

I burned these circles into 3.2 mm wood that is taped to my platform. This makes it easy to place the coaster blanks (which are approx 3.88 inches or 98.6 mm in diameter) in exactly the correct position with a little blue painters tape.

Since my current project entails burning between 30-40 of these, I should have no trouble replicating perfect burns on the coasters every time now.

Sucks that Luban wouldn’t open my first file but as with most things, its only failure if you quit.

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