File Open and Save

Is there any documentation that tells me what the Open and Save function do as it certainly isn’t what I would expect. It doesn’t have a default file extension which would at least give me a hint. It doesn’t open STL files in 3DP mode which is what I’d hope and it doesn’t give me a file extension when saving so I don’t know what to try as I don’t know what it’ll contain. Thanks.

It’s for opening and saving Luban related preferences and presets.
In theory.
In practice it’s fairly useless as what it saves is incomplete and not very helpful or useable.

For importing files to use you need to drag and drop or use the “add” icon

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Thanks. I feared as much.

Yes, I’m using Luban a fair bit and working around its short comings, but there are quite a lot of them. Fingers crossed that it’ll continue to be developed and become a good product, but progress is slower than I’d hoped. Still, it does the core job.