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I tried to find a string about the file format Luban creates, but couldn’t find any conversations of the topic. I’ve done a design with Luban laser module and it worked very well. Now, I’d like to open the same file with the CNC module, but that is out of the question. Is there ant way to convert the Luban file format *.snaplzr into *.snapcnc ?

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I had a quick look if the Luban files are some zip compressed JSONs or so, but they seem not to be - a look on the binary data did not reveal anything obvious to me, so sorry, can’t help…
Did you try cut’n’paste the workspace contents into a new project?

As copy and paste the drawing is still incompatible for some reason and won’t show up on the workspace. I even tried to simply rename the file, but that didn’t work either. I’ll try to get info from the nerds at Snapmaker. Maybe they answer…

snaplzr and snapcnc are definetly archives, consisting of json and svg files.

test.snapcnc: gzip compressed data, from Unix, original size modulo 2^32 14848
test.snaplzr: gzip compressed data, from Unix, original size modulo 2^32 9216

Open it up with 7zip on windows :slight_smile:

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Don’t forget that the lazer is really just a 2D file, while CNC is 3D. So the lazer file won’t be helpful. But since the original design is a 2D picture there are 2D to 3D conversion apps online you can download and run and save an .STL file to put into Luban. I’d suggest that route.

What are you actually trying to do?
Did you create a design using the shapes and text tool in Luban?


Yes. I used Luban laser workspace for the design. After saving the file I tried to open it in the CNC workspace for carving. The laser workspace creates a *.snaplzr file which is not usable with the cnc.
The cnc workspace opens only *.snapcnc -files. Not even copy and past works.
Using both functions would be handy if you want to design a product which you first want to cut out using the laser for fitting and adjusting and then finally carving it with the cnc. As is, it is not possible.