Luban for laser

Is there a way to get a filled box? When I use the box tool in luban, I get a double hollow box, one around the other (similar to the text font) and what I really want is a solid box.

Check the “fill” selection box under “vector” when you’re in the ‘process’ tab.


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Select different processing modes in Snapmaker Luban, you will get different results.
Please read the user manual to learn more.
B&W , Greyscale , Vector and Text can all be used for engraving.

B&W : The engraved image will be in black and white without any grey color.


Greyscale : The engraved image will be in different shades of grey depending on its original color.


Vector : This effect is used for engraving vector graphics. The engraved image will be in black and white without any grey color.

Text : You can select the font and enter the text as you need. You can also upload your own fonts.

4.2.2 Cutting Mode

The Vector and Text modes both can be used for engraving and cutting. When laser cutting, you can set the Multi-pass and Power settings to a desirable level based on the materials you use.



It would be nice to have the simple a way to create a triangle and a straigth line as well and not only squares and circles. I order to cut a simple line, I need to import it from another software…

Thanks for considering



Request received.

I will forward this request to our product manager. This is not a complex issue but I think user will benefit a lot from this feature.


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I am sorry and not sure if that is the correct conversation here but I couldn’t find an answer anywhere else…

I have a question, first of all, the calculated time is so far from the real time my Snapmaker 2.0 that I have to think something is wrong… it says 18min takes 45min… says 1 hour takes 3,5h etc…

Anyone has the same experience?

And the second thing I would like to ask is about the settings and different modes… it is good explained in this threat thanks, my question is which one is the fastest? for a Text .

I don’t know, maybe (most likely) I am too stupid but when I want to engrave a name in leather for example, I write the name in word, make a screenshot and put that screenshot in luban… then the name with 6 letters takes 15minutes (10x4 cm)…

Is that normal?

Yes, I have. But it seems to happen to every SM2. Unlike the SM Original that the controller reads the G-code directly from the USB disk, the SM2’s controller is receiving the G-code from the screen line by line.
That causes a longer engraving time.