Snapmaker Luban v3.50 laser engraving on wood square

I configured the greyscale image in Luban and started the run to engrave on a wood block. It did the first about one fourth and then all else was blank. I let it run to the end and then restarted to see if that was some fluke but it did the same thing. I noticed that Luban wasn’t set for fixed strength so I set it to fixed strength at 80% and it is performing as expected. Simple fix but not sure why it didn’t continue at sufficient intensity to engrave the image without being set to fixed strength.

Snapmaker Luban can do laser engraving with grayscale mode. See attachment.

You can send me your G-code files and I will try to reproduce it.

What file type? Settings for grayscale? for Luban. I keep getting basic black white output.

You can use basically any picture file types, such as svg, png, jpg, jpeg, bmp, and dxf. There is no correct settings for greyscale. You need to play with the settings to see what works best for you. Here is a rough guide to help you get started.