Laser Reference Chart?

Dear Readers,

I have just received my snapmaker 2.0 and started out with the laser module.
I would like to make a file to see how the different settings affect the laser : a ReferenceChart… for cutting & engraving, but can not find out if Luban could interpret such a thing. and if it would have to be in grey scale or if it can be in color?

I work with illustrator.
When I import a 2 layer file (SVG) it imports it into Luban as 1 shape and i can only set 1 set of parameters/settings.
If i save each layer as a separate file i can import 2 shapes and set: speed & power… Is this what has to be done ? for every layer or tone of burning ?
They are also recognised as vectors and i can not change the “preview settings” (B&W / Grey / Vector).
Is it an obligation to pass through Luban or can we send files to the snapmaker from another program ?

I would be happy to understand more about this how this works as i would like to set up a file base to test on different materials…

Thank you for reading

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Vector is always for cutting or straight engraving.
B/W is a similar filter like vector files but will engraved on a other toolpath.

Greyscale is important for your testprint, I guess.

You have to import your testfile multiple times, near to each other, to adjust your settings from picture to picture.

I think you could also use a other software for generating the gcode but you need to test this :wink:

I created a very simple laser test in Snapmaker Luban for my A350.
It cuts lines from 10% to 100% power @140mm/min, 2 passes, 0.6mm pass depth (vector)
Grayscale squares from 5% to 100% black using both the stock greyscale (normal quality 7 dot/mm, 500mm/min) and b&w (4 dot/mm, 800mm/m) settings.

Test shown was done on 1.6mm baltic birch. As you can see it cut through cleanly on several of the cutting tests.

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Thank you xchrisd !
i will launch a test print today using Luban and will post the result.

Thank you sdj544 ! Looks good and simple !!!

Here is the result of my first try.
I am quite happy with it especially as i have no idea about quality engraving… :slight_smile: I am happy about any opinion !
The PNG of the cubes has a white background, does it makes a big difference to a transparent one, or saving to JPG? Tiff doesn’t import.

Thanks for reading