Luban Feature request

Hi SM Team,
After some month of use of SM and Luban (I useexclusively Luban for all of my projects), I have somes little suggestion for you for ameliorate Luban and the End User Experience (Maybe some of users will approuve this !?)

  1. To have the same information tothe screenPad on Luban (maybe to have a exact copy of the screenPad windows on luban … that can be good !).
  2. Know on what steps we are print (We can view on luban all steps when we print a object and on the luban or screenPad, we lost this informations)
  3. The navigation on work of space is just horrible… why not copy the screen navigation same of Freecad or Fusion 360, maybe it’s a good idea
  4. We can push Gcode Files on SM but not inverse … maybe interresting to have the possibilities to do the inverse … I have some files that I would like recover on my computer…

Thanks for reading me and thanks @ SM team for the good workdo whith this beautifull and very good product

Hi, thanks for your kind suggestions. I’ll submit them to our R&D team and my colleague will take care of them.