Luban next version suggestions

Hi. Here are some recommendations for the next version of Luban. Only the necessary (IMHO) features mentioned. Please note, I use “must” and “should” - it’s easier this way but it doesn’t mean I demand something… Just suggestions from a pretty old (unfortunately) software architect and maker.


  • Remember size, position, setup.
  • Allow dark scheme.
  • Keep network configuration - no need to re-search. Remember printers, check on startup (parallel thread).
  • Eliminate need of approving connection on local network.
  • Remember approvals, including upload.
  • Change “Upload” button to “Load model” or similar - keep “upload” term for networking.
  • Double effort - load to workspace, then to printer - is not necessary. Keep it simple, allow to upload after slicing.
  • Moving must contain “place to center” for one model, “distribute” for bunch of models.
  • Scaling must contain “resize to fit”, resize to dimentions and, most importantly, uniform resize checkbox.
  • Thickness not only in mm, also in layers.
  • Customization of default setups should be available. Just add “Reset to default”.
  • G-Code loaded must be centered, option to “home” view to model.
  • Option to make default view orthogonal.
  • Ability to add calibration on start to any third-party loaded g-code.
  • Input parsing - allow program start with parameter (file(s) to open).
  • Allow drag-drop of g-code in printing tab, allow drag-drop of .stl and .obj in g-code tab - just switch tabs.


  • Layer starting point - nearest, random, fixed (on convex, on reflex)
  • Support - horizontal offset (distance to outer wall from outside)
  • Support type “column” (one-layer thickness square column with user-definable size 1-5mm).
  • Infill patterns (lines, grid, honeycomb, etc.)
  • Solid top/bottom layer fill types (lines, zig-zag, concentric)
  • Ability to add/remove support areas manually.
  • Nozzle temperature change on height/layer.

Of course, there are lots more - but step by step. I really do believe these features will make Luban much more useful. Everything is discussable, I’m ready and willing to support my POV. Some features are very easy to implement, some are pretty difficult but (once again) I do believe they are necessary. IInterface section is mostly just about usability, Slicer section contains a must features any mature slicer must offer. You’ll have to implement them anyway if you are planning to make Luban really valuable. Really good printer requires really good software to operate really good…


I’d really like to see Luban and the firmware in github. Then we can put our time where our mouth is. :slight_smile:


I’d like to see:

  • the ability to pause via g-code for changing filament colors or for inserting items in the print to be over printed like bearings and fasteners.
  • a more dense calibration grid say maybe 5 x 5. 3 x 3 just doesn’t seem enough.
  • a way to check calibration using the thickness gauge at every grid point. (I guess I could write one in g-code but I need to be able to pause and interact at each point.)
  • the ability to copy files from/to SD and internal memory (from the TouchScreen)
  • the ability to create folders on the TS.
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  • More options on the SM2.0 touchscreen like Run Boundary! I want this badly!

  • fix the “hidden” settings screen where you have to blindly swipe to find it

  • when printing from PC I can’t look at anything on the touchscreen but “Disconnect” Let me see more…like a pause/stop.

  • My pause/stop often takes a long time to finally stop the machine

  • More reliable wi-fi. Mine disconnects constantly!

  • Remember wi-fi passwords and make wi-fi networks easier to detect (like hotspots networks added after the machine is on…mine are not detected) instead of power cycling the printer

  • Add time remaining to LUBAN and touch screen. Mine never works in Luban

  • Faster zoom in Luban

  • Rulers with inch/mm marks in Luban 3D model layout screen

  • more ideas to come!

I would like to see:

  • Better auto calibration.
  • Cleaner UI - specifically remove some of the redundancies like always having to reconnect with wifi - and having to push to workspace before loading via wifi.
  • Some of the basic setting that are really important are really not very good. Ex. Supports do a very bad job for large flat areas. spacing between print and if you use a raft is not dialed in. etc.
  • Better auto placing of prints so they don’t overlap when loaded.
  • Is it me, or are your programmed speeds quite slow compared to what the machine is capable of doing and maintaining accuracy? Maybe not… but maybe.
  • More advanced slicer options akin to Cura.