Luban feature request - toolless mode

Hi. I’ve built a custom tool that holds a ballpoint pen, and would like to use Luban to generate GCode to follow some path in the same way a laser would, but without the laser actually being connected or being switched on. Right now my workaround is to set laser power to zero, and have it connected and wired up, but not mounted on the axes.

Tool holders and the info to make it work are available on Thingiverse, ran across it a few months back looking for the quick change toolhead stl’s. Happy hunting.

I know having the laser module poses a risk, might forget to set power to zero or something glitching. You could use a gcode sender program such as Lightburn or Octoprint. Something that sends the gcode directly to the controller instead of feeding it through Snapmaker’s safety checks. The downside is requiring a device being tethered to the machine via USB.