Snapmaker Luban unable to send to device after opening g code

Hi All,

I am new to CNC I like to make a PCB. I used flatcam and created g-code. in Luban workspace I clocked open and now I see pcb file came in. The problem I am having is after connecting with the machine send to device button is grayed out. it looks like there are more steps but I can’t figure out. any help on direction will appreciate.


Is the file extension .cnc ?

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The file extension is .nc. I did firmware update too. After I get connected with the machine I can turn the motor on/off on left side of software and play button is available. After I press play nothing happens and pause button doesn’t bring it back any more. Now play button is grayed out until I restart the snapmaker. Any idea ? thanks

Change the file extension to .cnc and you should be able to send the file, .nc is used for laser files (I think).


.nc for laser
.cnc for cnc
.gcode for 3d printing.



I just renamed it to CNC extension the button “send to device” showed up. I am at work at this moment and I am accessing remotely. It looks like you solved the problem. thanks
I will let you guys know when i get home. I can’t wait to try it.


After changing the file extension the machine accepted the file but nothing happens. the spindle doesn’t work and
I can’t even stop or pause. After testing for a few hours I can tell it is a cnc file issue. the machine with example
works. I know it is not the machine. My question is what software are you using for gerber to cnc conversion ?
flatcam looks like a good software but I am not sure what’s the problem. Any help will appreciate?


I have made a few PCBs by simply making two .SVGs of the design (one for the area around the conductors to be milled away and one for the holes) and turning those into 2 CNC paths for a single .cnc command file in Luban. It doesn’t matter if you do holes first or non-conductor-area first, just make sure they are aligned and milling depth for each path is correctly set.

It might be an issue with comment lines in the file, I remember falling foul of that issue some months ago.
Safest bet is to make sure all non Gcode lines have a semi-colon as the first character.

If you post your file I’ll give it a try.

Finally I figured it out by help of you guys and tech support. Flatcam produces commands with G01 but snapmaker wants G1 and same thing with G00. The best way to make PCB is like KWI mentioned. export as svg then let luban create gcode. thank you all for support.